The Dark Side of the Law of Attraction

There is a dark side to how the Law of Attraction and similar “faith” teachings are commonly practiced.  I’ve known too many people who had financial problems or who struggled with an illness or other setback and then were blamed and shamed by someone else who held to this view that everything we experience in life is of our own making. Cancer?  You manifested that.  Got raped?  You attracted that.  You were abused as a child? Your fault.  People who do this tend to believe that everything that you experience is because you personally manifested that through negative speech, thoughts, or feelings.  You own it.  “What you confess, you possess”.   You “spoke it into existence”.  And they don’t even consider the responsibility of the hurtful actions of others.

 “For the thing that I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me.” (Job 3:25 ESV) With one author writing that “A compelling reason for driving the spirit of fear from your life is that the unchanging spiritual principle is that fear becomes a magnet to attract the thing you dread the most.”

But the fact is that the content of the mind is complex and has numerous influences.  It’s unhealthy and lacking in compassion, in my opinion, to blame and shame a person in this way, especially one who is already dealing with difficulties, disease, or financial hardship.

One of the frequent questions I hear is “If I’m1212155260-esther-jerry-hicks-teachings-of-abraham-health-the-law-of-attraction-cards-_5_-3935-p responsible for creating my own reality, does that mean that it’s my fault that bad things happened to me when I was little?”.  I’d like to share my take on this question as someone looking at it through the lens of one versed in various pagan and magical studies.

The short answer?  No, it wasn’t your fault. Your struggles are not blameworthy.  There’s more to this than is frequently discussed. So let’s look at this idea a little mo

First, my understanding of the law of attraction is a little different than the popular view.  I disagree with the idea that the sole influence on what manifests in your life is necessarily you, your thoughts, feelings and intentions.  So many of the things floating around in our hearts and minds are due to outside influences, and we have to realize that until we learn to discipline our minds we really aren’t all alone in there.  I’ve taught meditation and yoga classes for five years and I know first hand that it can take years to learn to quiet the mind.

So, my position is that only the disciplined mind is truly responsible for what they manifest.  If you have eliminated the ability for others to influence your thoughts, feelings, and intentions then you might be called a sovereign manifester.  This is the realm of the advanced adept or even of the magical or spiritual master.  If not, guess what, you’re still human.  Thus it is my contention that few people will reach the point where they are free of outside influences in this way.  Don’t buy the hype of the books and programs that claim that everyone is operating on this level and getting rich.  There’s more to it than that.  Most of the people getting rich are those writing books or selling expensive programs making these claims.




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