Spiritual Identity

How do you identify yourself spiritually?  Does that label or title adequately define your spiritual life or experience?  It has been my experience that most of the labels that we embrace only scratch the surface of our true spiritual identities.

One of the ways we can deal with this conundrum is to shift from trying to define our being and instead simply describe FB_IMG_1502409808342our doing.  For example, I could shift from describing myself as a Druid to saying that I practice Druidry, the arts and sciences related to the Druids.  I can also list the other things I do without getting into the current online debates and name calling around the various spiritual claims where people seem all to happy to tear  down any claims that might imply competence, mastery or experience of something.  For example, my spiritual identity goes beyond my experiences within Druidry and includes my over four decades of studying shamanic techniques, various forms of mysticism, magic and occult philosophy, Buddhist meditation, various forms of energywork, and several healing modalities, among other things as a part of my spiritual life as well. As Xena used to say on TV, “I have many skills”. But none of these in isolation defines who I am spiritually.  I’d wager that the same is true for most, if not all of you.

It seems like we’re all looking for some sort of phrase or short paragraph to use with people that can sum up our identities.  What they call in the marketing world an elevator pitch.  A short summary you can share with someone in just a couple of minutes.  Just remember that you are so much more than these labels and stories.  They are no more you than the label on the box of chocolates is the sweetness within.




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